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The goal of this website is to provide website owners with a tool to find quality link exchange partners for the purpose of increasing website traffic and link popularity with search engines.

Specific requirements must be met to be included in our categorized directory of link exchange partners. We do not provide mass emailing services to contact every website representative within a category because we believe that link exchange partners must be chosen carefully and individually in order to maximize the benefits of such exchange. Factors such as theme relevance, traffic levels, popularity rank, and specific trade requirements and instructions should be taken into consideration when selecting other sites to swap links with. You may also be interested in this blog advertising service which can help you increase your online promotion efforts, increase traffic, increase buzz.

We do NOT include sites that run free-for-all links pages, link farms, or other similar type of sites.
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Service Features

All submitted sites are individually reviewed and accepted ONLY if all quality and linking requirements are met.

Link exchange partners can be found either by browsing our directory or by performing a keyword search which will display all sites whose description contains the searched keyword.

Adding your site to our directory and searching for link exchange partners is 100% Free. All we require from link exchange partners is the placement of a text link in their homepage or a page one click away from the homepage.

Placement Criteria: All links are arranged within their assigned category based on where our link appears on added sites (the more visibility you give us, the more visibility we will give your site) and the date they are added to our directory.

In order to give our partners the maximum benefit possible in terms of link popularity, all website links are placed on static html pages containing 30 links or less under their most appropriate category.

Because of new submissions and non-reciprocating link removals, some listings may be moved to different pages within their assigned category over time. For this reason, all submitted links will ALSO be listed on our Master Pages arranged in alphabetical order by domain name (URL).

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