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Chinese supplier and exporter of superabrasives:synthetic diamond,cubic boron nitride(CBN),PCD(Polycrystalline diamond),PCBN,diamond saw blade,diamond grinding wheels and electroplted tools. (Date Added: 2005-05-19)

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Rex Crystal Fixings : We are a leading distributor of fixings and power tools to construction, engineering and contracting firms in the UK. Our range of professional power tools includes, AEG, Milwaukee, Hitachi, Hilti and Paslode. (Date Added: 2006-01-20)

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Perfect Creations deals in knobs, cabinet knobs, door knobs, crystal knobs, aluminium key chains, aluminium hooks, brass knobs, bone & horn knobs, kitchen knobs and more other home decorative items. (Date Added: 2006-02-03)

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We are an oil heating and fuel transfer equipment supplier, We
have over 40 years of experience in our industry, we have an
online store and industry blog. (Date Added: 2011-12-15)

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