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Directory Inclusion Requirements
Inclusion Criteria

  • You MUST place a text link (which we provide) on your homepage or on a page ONLY ONE CLICK away from your homepage. Otherwise, your submission will be ignored. (As of 07/21/2006)

  • Your site MUST NOT be a "link farm" or "free for all" list of sites.

  • Your site MUST NOT contain or link to adult/pornographic material or sexual or illegal or offensive content.

  • Your site MUST NOT be associated with gambling/casino/cigarettes/alcohol themes.

  • Your site MUST NOT be an online pharmacy.

  • Your site MUST NOT sell 'replica' products or any products that may infringe on Intellectual Property Rights.

  • Your site MUST NOT be a subdomain (Ex.: The person submitting a site must be the owner or work for the owner of the site.

  • Your site MUST have unique content and not have an excessive number of links to affiliate sites.

  • Your site MUST have a presentable design.

  • Your site MUST be in ENGLISH or/and have instructions for exchanging links in English. Otherwise, it will be placed under the 'Non-English Sites' Category.

  • Your site MUST NOT simply consist of a number of articles about a particular subject with the intention of fooling search engines and capitalizing on Google Adsense related revenue.

  • Your site MUST have a link to your link pages easily accessible from the homepage.

  • You MUST NOT link to us through a script that opens our website.

  • Your email address must match the domain name you are submitting.

Submissions not complying with all of our requirements will be ignored.

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